Jazzy Weekend in Dayton

Discovering Ohio - Lodging in Greater Dayton

I’m an Ohio girl, born and raised.  From the Cleveland area, went to school in Cincinnati and now live in Columbus.  I tell people I get around the state quite a bit, but I definitely have had my go-to entertainment districts and up until this weekend, Dayton was not one of them.  I’ll be honest, nearly every time I’ve gone to Dayton it’s been raining and there’s construction. But a few weeks ago I had a taste of something I wanted to sink my teeth into and I had to schedule a time to go back.  Our trip centered around one key adventure – the Blue Note Bistro & Lounge.  You probably haven’t heard of it, and I’m a bit nervous to divulge my secrets, but if you’re looking for something new to try – follow me…

Miamisburg, OH is about an hour and twenty minutes from Columbus. We decided it would be best to make an overnight out of our trip to the Blue Note. Word on the street? They’ve got great music and a wine cellar – ’nuff said.  This particular Saturday afternoon was unseasonably perfect and we didn’t want a minute of it to go to waste.  We thought the best bet would be to stop somewhere on the way that we could check out – walk around, see some shops, (for TJ) drink some beer – so we set our sights on Yellow Springs, OH. I had the chance to visit Yellow Springs a few months ago and wrote about its cool new hotel the Mills Park Hotel.  That time, I didn’t get a chance to explore the town which has a huge art scene, but I wanted to. It was too cute! There are little shops everywhere and musicians on the street.  Who would have thought?

Discovering Ohio - Yellow Springs
Feeling Funky – Yellow Springs

As we’re driving, TJ proclaims that he is pretty sure there is a brewery in Yellow Springs (he would know!).  After a quick Google search I confirm this and now he is interested.  Yellow Springs is situated on a bike path (or maybe the bike path is situated around Yellow Springs, but you get the picture!) and today, bicyclists were out in full force.  Despite the crowds, we found easy parking on the street (it’s free! for all you city slickers), just across from the Mills Park Hotel. We headed to find a latte for me – very important when the sun is setting and you’re window shopping.  We found the cutest store – Oats.  They sold all kinds of neat antique pieces for the home. You

Discovering Ohio - Yellow Springs
Feeling Funky – Yellow Springs

probably could guess that we left with an old metal BEER sign for our at-home bar. After that we wound our way to the Yellow Springs Brewery and Taproom, located a few blocks from downtown.  This place was happenin’. A food truck was parked outside and nearly every seat indoor and outdoor (in February!) was full. Something a bit different about this taproom is that there wasn’t a TV in sight.  The place was filled with artwork and there was a big cart of games for people to play. A startling idea – a bar not having TV’s, but instead you walked in to the sound of conversation, laughter and glasses clinking.  We decided to have a light appetizer because our dinner reservation was late.  The food truck parked outside, Smokin’ Bee-Bee-Q, was

dishing out Mac n’ Cheese Waffles with Pulled Pork & Slaw – so we split one!  Delicious!

With full bellies, we decided we should make our way to Miamisburg with a quick pit stop at our hotel.  We were so fortunate to have been graciously hosted by the team at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dayton Mall/I-675.  The staff was super friendly and ready to make our night a memorable

Discovering Ohio - Lodging in Greater Dayton
Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Miamisburg

one.  Our room was beautiful!  I’ve said it before, but if you haven’t been in a new package Holiday Inn recently, make sure to check one out. Our suite was spacious and beautiful.  I loved the homey accents – rounded ottomans and small lamps.  This hotel had a pool (which we didn’t have time to use) and great fitness center and complimentary breakfast. Highly recommend it!

Even better, the hotel is a straight shot to downtown Miamisburg, where the Blue Note was located. We were running a bit ahead of schedule so we swung into A Taste of

Discovering Ohio - Miamisburg
I’ve Got That Feeling, Inside My Sole @ A Taste of Wine

Wine for a glass of vino.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a packed house and a live band. The staff selected fantastic wine for us and we spent an hour listening to the sounds of Mind Reels.  We were walking distance to our final stop, so parking and navigating was easy.  We arrived at Blue Note just before the next show started and were quickly seated at our stage side table.  There are so many amazing things about this venue, I can’t capture it all in one post.  To begin, this space is a converted bank building, so it’s unique and in a great location.  The high ceilings and beautiful archways are a fantastic backdrop for a live music venue.  The whole place is lit by blue lighting and portraits of famous jazz musicians.  The menus? They light up!  The food was delicious.  I started with the Blue Note Salad and had the Chicken La Poire. TJ also started with the Blue Note Salad and had the Tournedos Dumas.  We split a great bottle of wine with our company, sat back and relaxed.  On stage that night was The Satchmo Show featuring Dean Simms – a Louis Armstrong impersonator. They were amazing and kept the crowd engaged all evening. After an outstanding show, good food and great company, we tucked in for the evening, but not before grabbing donuts at Bear Creek Donuts for breakfast the following morning.

One of my favorite things is discovering new ways to enjoy the great state of Ohio.  No matter how much  I travel, or how many people I meet, there are surprises around every corner.  If you haven’t yet visited Yellow Springs or Miamisburg, you are missing out on some amazing experiences. So what are you waiting for?

Discovering Ohio - Miamisburg

 “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


Season of Love – Step it Up!

Ohio Date Ideas
All Smiles @ Cedar Point – Sandusky

I love holidays, particularly ones that give me an excuse to really wow someone – birthdays…Valentine’s Day. It’s the month of love, so I thought I’d step in to give you some ideas to really amp up your dating game or, your life experiences game. Whether you’re committed or single – these are some fun ways to get that extra mile out of love and life. Follow me as we try this, not that!

THAT – Buying chocolates

There are people in life who say, “don’t buy me flowers, they just die.” That’s depressing, but also true. Food isn’t just the way to a man’s heart – it’s the way to mine. But this time of year, stores roll out display after display of overpriced chocolates in heart shaped boxes. You could to that. Or, you could do…

THIS – (SAFE!) Raw Cookie Dough

Ohio Date Ideas
NomNomNom @ Cookie Dough Creamery

Good thing I surround myself with some pretty cool 11 year olds. I give full credit for this discovery to one of my favorite babysitees.  Next time you’re in the market for buying you’re loved one something sweet, stop by the Cookie Dough Creamery in Worthington, OH.  You can choose from containers of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (my favorite), Sugar Cookie Dough, Oreo Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough; Chocolate covered Oreos filled with cookie dough and all kinds of other delectable “raw” treats. In the event you’re worried about the safety of eating this raw dough (I certainly am not), this dough doesn’t contain eggs and they use heat treated flour.  GENIUS.

THAT – A Round of Golf

It’s OK, you can admit it.  You’re re-purposing some old Silent Auction item you won as a “super cool” gift.  Let me guess, it’s at a ritzy-titzy, exclusive course and perfect for 4!  If it’s so great, why haven’t you used it?  Because it isn’t so great. Wonder if you could recreate the golf experience in a private setting and when you’re ready to take a break from the links of Pinehurst, you can sit right down in your lounge seats, crack open a beer and enjoy a filet?  Next time, try…

THIS – Golf Simulator @ The Capital Club

What? Yes! You’ve totally been missing out. I had the chance to experience the Golf Simulator firsthand. Not just the golf simulator itself, but the opportunity to wow my Sig-O with an experience he didn’t even know existed.  We were escorted up to the Capital Club (by way of the DoubleTree Suites Columbus Downtown) to the Simulator room. We were able to select from over 20 courses.  We pre-ordered TJ’s favorite beer to the room (CBC Bodhi!) and you can even order food.  This is seriously one of the coolest dates I’ve been on. I’m pretty sure TJ has already lined up friends to join him next time. I’m thinking this would pretty cool for a Bachelor party too! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Capital Club member to take advantage of this place!

****Special for Followers!*** Just in time to polish those skills before golf season hits! Now through March 30, 2017, mention this blog post and receive 1 Hour of Golf & a Free Appetizer for $15! Contact Kyle to book.

Love sports but not in Columbus? Have you checked out TopGolf in West Chester, OH?  That’s next on my list! Or what about Canton’s own Pro Football Hall of Fame? Hall of Fame Village coming soon!

THAT – Wine Tasting

Don’t get me wrong, wine tasting is fun. I love wine!  There are a million great places to do a wine tasting in Ohio…but, that’s old school, what about….

Ohio Date Ideas
Bourbon Cocktails @ Buckeye Bourbon House

THIS – Bourbon Tasting

This week, I got to check out a super cool new place, the Buckeye Bourbon House. I love Bourbon. Believe it or not, this girl has been on the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail (highly recommend eating breakfast before visiting Jim Beam). The new Buckeye Bourbon House located on Gay Street in Columbus has over 50 curated Bourbons and Whiskeys (they are not the same, people!).  If you stop by, you can try a tasting and they ‘guarantee’ they’ve got something you haven’t tried.

Want more Bourbon? Try the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar in Covington, KY! I haven’t been in a while, but last time I checked, it’s still happenin’!

THAT – Date Night

It’s OK. Date night dinners are still cool, but there is something a tiny bit cooler…

THIS – Date Morning

What about fantastic brunch?  Fortunately, Ohio has finally figured things out.  People like to eat all times of day! Lucky for you, cities across the state are

Ohio Date Ideas
Brunch Farrotto @ The Whitney House

seriously stepping up their breakfast game.  So no matter where you are, there are places to brunch. Some new faves:

Hoof Hearted Brewing – Columbus, OH (Hate the name, love the food <3)

TownHall Ohio City – Cleveland, OH (Patio is perfect!)

Taste of Belgium – Cincinnati, OH (It’s been around a while, but those waffles. They still do Chicken & Waffles the best)

Blue Note Bistro & Lounge – Miamisburg, OH (On the menu next week, have you tried it??)

The Whitney House – Worthington, OH (I sold my sole for the Brunch Farratto)

Cherry Street Pub – Lancaster, OH (Christi’s pick!)


THAT – Shores of the Atlantic

Don’t get me wrong, I hit the Atlantic coast every year and I count down until that vacation. But, let’s get real, when was the last time you checked out Ohio’s shores? Have you even tried…

THIS  Shores of Lake Erie

When was the last time you visited Sandusky? I am not just talking about Cedar Point (but go there too). Downtown Sandusky has had a revitalization.  One can now have a fantastic dinner, settle in for a cocktail at a local speakeasy and book a night at a trendy hotel, all within walking distance.  Go. Now. Check it out.

There are so many more cool ways to experience life with someone you care about – share your favorites from around the state!

 “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


Pit Stops Ohio – All Shiny & New

New Lodging around Ohio
Twenty20 Taphouse @ Holiday Inn Canton

OK, gang, we’re getting down and dirty. Well, I guess not dirty – these places are all shiny and new!  But speaking of dirt, in the event you’ve been living under a rock, Ohio has all kinds of cool things popping up across the state. Anything from a face lift to a ground lift (new build!) there are so many hotels to be excited about.  Luckily, I’m in the biz, and have the somewhat daunting task of keeping track of all things hotel across the state. Today I’m going to take you into (or outside of) three exciting changes to our great state.  Buckle up!

The Timberlanes Inn – Salem, OH

New Lodging around Ohio
Boneshakers @ The Timberlanes – Salem

My road trip started with a crazy flash back.  But before I get there, let me set the stage. I drove through winding roads and a blustery wintry-mix storm through the American Standard plant on the south side of town, finally arriving at Boneshakers in Salem, OH. I was meeting a local businessman who had taken the old Timberlanes complex under his wings, opening first Boneshakers.  Trying to avoid wet feet or hair, I sprinted into the new restaurant without much of a look at the outside. I was greeted by very friendly staff, even though I was a few minutes ahead of the opening bell.  I used my extra time to check out the new place.  I will be completely honest, I was shocked. I did not expect to see such a trendy looking joint in Salem, OH.  After a quick, yummy Cobb salad, I was ushered through the restaurant to the hotel which is still undergoing renovation.  A little history on the way – the old complex used to house bowling lanes (hence the name!) and it caught fire mid 1900s. When they rebuilt the property, they did not rebuild the bowling lanes (much to my dismay), but focused on the banquet hall, restaurant and motor inn. The Timerblanes complex was shut down in 2009.

New Lodging around Ohio
The Timberlanes – Salem

My two hosts swept me into the lobby.  As I was checking out the new guestroom furniture, I started to get this feeling…just a little something creeping through the cobwebs of distant memories.  I paused and took a moment to scan my surroundings.  The lobby is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows.  I looked outside – noticing that the valet area ran under the front and then continued along the side of the building to the banquet hall, running parallel to the street, thus serving dual purposes – valet for hotel guests and valet for banquet guests, something you don’t see everyday.  I turned back around as my hosts were explaining the inverted motel concept.  I followed their gaze through the lobby doors into the room corridors.  There’s something here and I can’t put my finger on it! I kept thinking.   We walk through the doors and I’m greeted by cold.  My host explaining that the rooms are connected by an outside corridor covered by a glass roof.  We walk into the first room and she’s saying “this room used to be greens and” burgundy, I say.  I’ve been here! I’ve been here!

New Lodging around Ohio
The Timberlanes – Salem

I blurted out.  She looks at me perplexed, “really?!”  Yes!  It has such a unique layout.  The valet. The small, cozy glass lobby, the reserve motel room layout.

And… I’m in Salem!  My memories come crashing back to me. I stayed here in high school as a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards participant.  It was a big, annual “over-nighter” hosted by the Salem Rotary Club for high school students demonstrating leadership. Of course, in high school, I didn’t drive myself there so the valet only played a small role in my memory. It was the late nights of running between rooms, gossiping and sharing stories that I remembered. Although in my high school memory, the old Timerlanes was fine, but in my adult memory, this place needed a major overhaul and Brooke & Brandy are the ones to do it.  They are moving those cool restaurant grade indoor heaters into the center space with nice patio furniture for lounging. I can picture myself cozied up under a blanket of winter snow on the glass roof with a blanket and a book. This place is going to be really neat. The lobby has been fitted with reclaimed barn wood and the new bedroom furniture has a similar feel.  Sticking to a modern, clean and simple design, Brandy is working hard to transform the space.  The banquet space is massive for any size town, but for Salem, OH and the surrounding areas, it’s a game changer, seating 400 in rounds. I’m excited to check out the hotel when it’s complete and you should be too.

Holiday Inn Canton – Canton, OH

New Lodging around Ohio
Shiny & New @ Holiday Inn Canton

Yowza!  You know when you go somewhere you’ve been before and you think you know what you’re walking into, but then it isn’t anything like you remembered? That’s what happened to me at the newly renovated Holiday Inn Canton. Ask any of the staff here and they will tell you, “it’s about time!” They’ve been waiting to show off this renovation for a while and for good reason.  I was delighted that Emily was willing to take me on a full tour of the space. If you haven’t been in any Holiday Inn in a while, you might be surprised to know, the brand is making some big changes.  The new HI package is extremely modern with sleek finished, bright colors and well-placed art. Last time I was at this specific property, the lobby was in a different place, so that was confusing, but once I found my way, it was breathtaking. GOOD JOB!

New Lodging around Ohio
Shiny & New @ Holiday Inn Canton

The new lobby is an open floor plan with lots of seating for guests, computer stations and windows.  The rooms are – stunning.  I love all of the blues and silver.  One of the suites I saw has a pretty neat feature – the option to connect to a small board room. I think this would be great for groups hosting large or multi-day meetings on site.  It makes for a great private office space for meeting organizers. Or, traveling into town for an event at the Hall of Fame?  What a great place to order in and share with family so you don’t have to sit around on the beds.

The Holiday Inn Canton is in a great location – just off the highway but next to the former Belden Village Mall area. But should you not feel like navigating mall traffic for a cold beer or dinner, another addition is Twenty20 Taphouse, the new restaurant and taproom. And, you guessed it! There are 20 beers on tap for your pleasure.  Even if you’re just passing through and not looking for a place to stay, check it out. I bet it’ll wow you too!

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites Project – Orrville, OH

New Lodging around Ohio
Nearly new! Cobblestone Hotel & Suites – Orrville, OH

This one is near and dear to my heart and unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures to show you. My hometown is Orrville, OH. A quaint little industrious town nestled between Canton and Wooster along historic Route 30. When I first heard news that Orrville, home of the Red Riders, Bobby Knight and this little jelly place called the J.M. Smucker Company, was getting a hotel, I was aghast.  What do we need a hotel for? I thought to myself.  But I left “home” 10+ years ago, and a lot has changed. Smucker’s is booming, industry is moving in and Orrville now has overnight guests that aren’t just family visiting loved ones.  It was a pet project of mine to find out more about a new project in Ohio – a small town hotel chain concept out of Pennsylvania breaking ground in Ohio in my very own hometown.  The new hotel will have 40 rooms, a bar/restaurant and a pool. The Cobblestone brand is built for towns just like Orrville, focusing on small town values and “big town” amenities. The hotel should be open in the coming months, but here is a sneak peek about what locals are saying about the build and the brand. For a full story on the property, check this article written by Megan Coddington, student at The Ohio State University. Cobblestone Hotel & Suites Introduction to Ohio by Megan Coddington Rumor has it, Cobblestone is already scoping out other communities across our state, one could be coming to your backyard soon!

We have some many great things happening around our state.  If you are wondering just what’s going in at this corner or if a rumor is true, let me know!  I’m happy to give you the scoop.

 “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


A Hidden Gem

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa
Stately Beauty @ Sebring Mansion & Spa

I am such a lucky girl.  I finally found that perfect career that allows me to immerse myself in something I’m passionate about.  I love travel, I love culture, I love experiences.  Lodging big or small, I’m a firm believer that the lodging you choose can make or break an experience.  And, over the past few months, I’ve actually had people tell me they like when I let them in, just a little bit, to come along with me on these experiences, from the comforts of their desk, their home or wherever InnLove finds them each Friday morning. Today I’m going to let you in, just a little bit more, into something I discovered this week while traveling for work.  For many of you, it’s in your backyard and it’s truly one of Ohio’s hidden gems.

As most of you know, I’ve worked in a few hotels, but what some of you might not know is that my childhood dream has been to own an award winning inn. I’ve been collecting favorite breakfast recipes for years. So when I find one that gives me so many feels…I must share it with you. This week, while making a very windy tour of Northeastern Ohio, I visited one of my favorite people, Lynne Biery at her hospitality masterpiece – Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa.

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa

I’ve never been to the Mansion, but I have heard stories.  All good, of course, but THIS. I did not expect. I hadn’t heard of Sebring, OH until I learned of Lynne’s place –

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa
Rotunda @ Sebring Mansion

how could there be something this spectacular in a place I’ve never been? Even though the day was typical January in Ohio weather – you know the sort, gray, 33° and raining – the mansion was sparkling.  It is massive and stately, sitting


on the corner, beckoning me into its warmth.  I sprinted across the street, snapping a quick picture of the entrance, and ducked inside. As if he was waiting for me, I was greeted by Dick, a cheerful member of the Mansion’s team. He ushered me inside the most breathtaking foyer I’ve seen in quite some time. Once you catch your breath,

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa
Dining Room @ Sebring Mansion

you immediately gaze upward into a rotunda with 3 floors of views to a stained glass dome.  While waiting for Lynne, I snapped a few pictures of the foyer before being escorted into the dining area.  I was told a bride would be arriving soon and this was to be the dinner room.  The room was dripping with winter decor that made you feel


like you were in a fairy tale. Lynne walked me through the many rooms of the first floor including the parlor and oval music room.  The piano in the music room is original to the home!

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa
Oval Music Room @ Sebring Mansion

Sebring Mansion has 9 rooms with more being built.  Each room is individually decorated and is named after a famous potter. (Sebring, OH is the Pottery capital of the world!) Each room has a beautiful, hand selected bed and whirlpool.  In many of the rooms, you can be served dinner for two on the balcony or in the sitting area and each guest is greeted with a rose. No children are allowed at Sebring at this time, which allows for an indulgent adults-only retreat. Make sure to check out all of the room pictures in the 2017 Visual Adventure Gallery because there are a million!

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa
Stained Glass @ Sebring Mansion

The third floor of the Mansion has another dining area where Lynne and her team had set up an immaculate dining experience for the weekend’s wedding party.  The room is surrounded by stained glass and little private alcoves. There is a built in bar to serve guests.  Lynne also tells me she hosts a number of special events such as Murder Mystery Dinners.  I think I should sign up for one of those really soon!

The lower level of the Mansion houses the spa, with a maze of rooms for massages, mani/pedis, hair, mud baths and more. All guests are able to soak in the 102° indoor or outdoor therapy pool.  Even on a dank day like the one I was visiting on, I could have easily slipped into the outdoor pool, surrounded by plants and stone walls.  Also on the lower level are his and hers locker rooms, a wine cellar and The Pub – a bar area for guests to order evening cocktails.

Sadly, I was not visiting Lynne for an overnight stay, just a quick tour and some history.  But, if anyone has ever convinced me to make a weekend out of Sebring, OH, it was Lynne, her team and this spectacular Mansion. I’ll be counting down the days until we can stay.  (Hunny, are you reading this??)

Unique Ohio Lodging @ Sebring Mansion & Spa

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck