Southern Charm at South Eden Plantation

South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA


To be honest, I knew very little about the trip that we were embarking on. My mother-in-law took care of all the details and I was just along for the ride (and to be a bridesmaid), which was great! To my pleasant surprise South Eden Plantation is registered as one of the Historic Hotels of America.


As we drove from the airport admiring the lush green scenery, the resort popped up and we made a left turn onto a pebble road, where we entered between pink and brick security stands under a white trellis.

South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA


The winding pebble road was lined by overgrown willow trees and hanging Spanish moss, just like every picture you can imagine of Georgian charm (at night all of the trees were perfectly lit with white lights). As we approached the Main House, which is where our whole family stayed, I was giddy! It was all pink, brick, and white with hanging outdoor chandeliers.


We gathered our luggage and made our way to the front door, up a few stairs and through a large wooden white door. Taking just a few steps in we looked ahead at a grand room with a three-tier original light fixture hanging from the vaulted ceiling.South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA

To the left was a magnificent lounge with copper ceiling tiles, large red tufted booths, and sparkling chandeliers. (Fun Fact: The lounge is called Scarlett’s after Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. The theater that sits on the grounds was the first theater to show Gone with the Wind when it came out in 1939!)

South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA

Our parents were whisked away to their suites and then we were led to ours. We entered through a separate wooden white door and climbed up hardwood steps to where we would be staying. The original hardwood floors had a perfect sheen to them throughout the entire Main House. Our room’s décor was classic with gray walls, white trim, a white four post bed frame, and of course, a chandelier!South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA

Since our family was occupying all the rooms, we were able see each room. One of my favorites was where my parents stayed, it was called The Bird’s Nest Suite, and the name fit the room. Dark walls with white accents, a bird carved into the headboard, and actual bird cages fit snuggly over crystal light fixtures. The other suites boasted bright colors such as hot pink and Tiffany’s blue. Each room had its’ own style.

South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA

The parlor area where we were able to meet for coffee in the mornings was just as lovely as the sleeping rooms. Long white curtains, classic furniture, and original woodworking around the fireplace boasted the Southern charm that I have always related to the South. Our trip was far too short as I wish we had more time to explore the historic theater, the greenhouse-like indoor pool, and take in the historic significance of this location.If you ever find yourself in Georga, don’t forget to take a moment to visit South Eden Plantation, you won’t regret it!

P.S. She was a beautiful bride! (Photo taken at neighboring Pebble Hill Plantation by Andrea Z Photography.)South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, Georgia


South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA


South Eden Plantation - Thomasville, GA


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Serenity in Victorian Village

Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OHAs I walked away from my car and towards the timeless brick home, I immediately felt at ease. I opened the black iron gate to allow myself up the steps and to the brick sidewalk that wrapped around the home (the Guest House sits in the rear lawn of the beautiful 1800’s brick home where the owners reside). Speaking of the owners, I was warmly greeted by Lisa, and was so excited to have the opportunity to relax in this urban oasis.Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OH


Lisa walked me to the Guest House which stood at the opposite side of the lawn and is so charming. As I turned the corner, I was completely taken away by the perfectly manicured flower beds and ever so green grass. If you could live inside of the Spring season, this is where you’d want to be.

Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OH

I opened the door and headed up the steps which opened into a large, open, lofted space with vaulted ceilings. Everything had a rich ruby red color incorporated into it. The bathroom; all red! Such a beautiful color to accent the neutral walls and furniture.

Sitting on the counter top was a sweet treat (from one of my favorite bakeries, Pistachio Vera) and a welcome card from the hosts (so kind!).Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OH

I dropped my bag and grabbed a book immediately as it just felt right. I appreciated the serenity and peacefulness of this location. It was so quiet! I casually came and went from my lofted space to the outdoor seating.Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OH

As the sun began to set, it was time to settle in and head to bed (the oh-so comfy bed!). I pulled down the woven window shades, prepared a cup of hot tea in the kitchen, grabbed my sweet welcome treat, and settled in for a peaceful night’s rest.Victorian Village Guest House - Columbus, OH

What a great stay! Now I am thinking ahead… this would be an ideal location to stay for an Ohio State home game!


Until Next Time,



SNEAK PEEK: Renaissance Westerville

Renaissance Westerville, OHThough I couldn’t quite keep my hard hat on, I was able to get some great photos from the property. Walking into the main lobby, I was immediately greeted with an unprecedented accent wall behind the front desk; an American flag made of wooden pallets and special lighting.

What a welcoming entry! From the front desks, rich wood flooring and wall paneling, to the wall of windows, strung lights across the ceiling, it was very hard to not take a moment to take in every detail.Renaissance Westerville, OH

As I progressed through the hotel, one creative feature, was the tiered seating steps that wrapped around the backside of the bar. Guests can sit and relax or plug-in to finish out their day. The entire rear side of the building looks out on beautiful green space and a water fountain.Renaissance Westerville, OH

The restaurant is a trendy concept with pristine tiled floors and walls, and an open counter to the exposed kitchen. As we continued, we made our way to the event space. A long-curved hallway lined by lit lanterns was an immediate “feel good” moment, I just loved those lanterns! Details throughout the event space were unexpected and unique. Light fixtures, artwork, wall paneling all gave way to each room’s individual concept.Renaissance Westerville, OH

I obviously could not stay the night, but I did get to see an almost finished guest room. Before we entered, I could not help but to notice that the room numbers were etched into the wood floor panel below each door; interesting! As I entered the room, there was a lantern light fixture and a life preserver above a wood paneled closet area.

Renaissance Westerville, OH

Now, the bathroom is what dreams are made of. For those of you who know me, you understand that I live for any mixture of neutrals (in my closet, in my home, etc.), the unforgettable black and white tiled floor and wall is simply a perfect fit for the bathroom (but that’s just my two-cents). Ok, ok, let’s move into the bedroom. The most notable items in the bedroom are certainly the aqua ultra-modern night stands and an accent curtain portraying a water color image of a dragon fly (I bet you weren’t expecting that!).

Renaissance Westerville, OH

If I had to encapsulate my overall feelings of this lake house inspired property in one word, it would be: unexpected. Who would have thought that we would have a hotel paying homage to the waterways of central Ohio? (I had not even an inkling of the waterways or lakes that surrounded the area.)

Next week we are going to take time to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the pristine Victorian Village Guest House!


Until next time,



Courtyard Cool

My travels this week have taken me to Akron, Ohio. Throw everything you thought you knew about the Courtyard by Marriott brand and come read about my trip to the Courtyard by Marriott Akron Downtown. Let’s go…

Courtyard AkronThe hotel sits comfortably within the Northside District of downtown Akron. As I got out of my car, I couldn’t help but to take time and look around their immediate area. Just steps from the hotel was a pizza shop, a clay and art studio, an ultra-modern restaurant and a few other establishments I would have loved to explore.

As I approached the entryway I couldn’t help but to look to the left at a black door that read “Apothecary”. This door led to the Northside Speakeasy, a Prohibition Era styled bar. (I mean, this is pretty cool…)Courtyard Akron

I finally made my way into the lobby area. It felt extremely inviting and had the classic comfort the Courtyard brand is known for. The flooring, wall vinyl, pillows all coordinated effortlessly and gave a very “cool” feel. Within the Bistro area, chic crystal light fixtures hung over large seating areas (I would love to have one for my home, please!). One item stuck out the most, an old world red telephone booth stood tall in the corner of the Bistro. What a fun addition! Another aspect, I thoroughly enjoyed about this property is the recognition of Akron through black and white photos highlighting key Akron sites.

Courtyard Akron

As I walked through I saw brief glimpses of the Little Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga Valley. Also, interesting was the train stop just out back of the hotel offering easy access for guests like me to get around. The train stop was charming with a pale-yellow pavilion to wait under between trains.

Now, I saved the best part for last, the hotel has its’ own MOVIE THEATRE. This is not a drill; I walked into a large theatre screen, oversized black leather recliners, and the perfect lighting for a movie. This is something I could get used to! Can you imagine coming back to your hotel from a long day of work and you could immediately grab your favorite recliner to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie?Courtyard Akron

I did not have the opportunity to spend the night at this property, but gosh, I sure wish I did! For now, I am going to contemplate how I get the light fixture and movie theatre into my house.


Looking forward to our next adventure!



Residence InnLove

Residence Inn Columbus DowntownNow this property, Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus Downtown, has a little piece of my heart. Not because of its’ stunning architecture, interesting history, or timeless bourbon bar, but I worked here for a large portion of my career. It was such a pleasure to work in a historical building and interact with the guests that had visited throughout the years.  I wanted to go visit and share a day with you at this hotel.

Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus DowntownWalking into this property my eyes are always immediately drawn to the original columns that lead to a ceiling that is a work of art. What makes this property an architectural gem? It is located within the 1927 Buckeye Savings and Loans Building in the bustling Gay Street District. Remnants of the bank that once existed here showcase the property’s history and add charm to this modern aged hotel.


Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus DowntownOne of my favorite pieces in the hotel is the original blueprint of the bank which you’d find at the rear of the lobby. From the US Postal Mailbox and chute, to the clusters of security deposit boxes, to the one feature I find most unique…the breakfast buffet that is served from within the original bank vault (it is not everyday you get to see an actual vault door!).

Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus Downtown

Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus DowntownI worked my way through the lobby and into the elevator banks. Above each elevator the engraved marble maintains the original Buckeye Savings & Loans emblem and an arched hand-painted ceiling. I enjoyed my suite, as it was spacious and had a full kitchen. Not to say, the big windows allowed a lot of natural light into the room, which I am always a sucker for. Even as I walked through the hallways, there were architectural elements around every corner, the floor I stayed on had beautiful exposed beams.

Residence Inn by Marriott Columbus Downtown

As I walked downstairs that evening to partake in food and drink at Buckeye Bourbon House (the bar & lounge located within the lobby), one thing was evident; what a transformation from morning to night! Fun fact: Buckeye Bourbon House now stands where the original teller stations and the bank’s President’s Office once stood. The lobby was alive! Music, dim lights, and view of city lights through the sky-high windows.Residence Inn Columbus Downtown

I nestled myself into a luxe leather chair and enjoyed a savory charcuterie board and a crafted cocktail – my personal favorite was the “Savings & Loan” (cute, right?). I looked on as guests were playing shuffleboard, mingling, and relaxing. One thing I learned here was that I know far too little about Bourbon.

Residence Inn Columbus DowntownResidence Inn by Marriott Columbus Downtown

Until next time, cheers!


Sightseeing in Sri Lanka

Scrolling through beachy spring break albums on my social media feeds this week has me reminiscing (and missing) my February travels. Last month I shared my stay in Bangkok, but I actually visited four countries while I was away (because why not spend your whole trip on a plane?) Just kidding, I am glad I got to see SO much during a short period of time. This week I’m taking you Inn Lovers to Sri Lanka! Aside from the stunning coastal towns and welcoming culture, I LOVED the unique properties everywhere we turned. Come with me as I explore The Fort Bazaar in the historic town of Galle.

The Fort Bazaar, Sri LankaYou may be thinking that Sri Lanka seems like an odd choice for a vacation, and in recent past, you would have been right! After 26 years of conflict, the Sri Lankan Civil War ended in 2009. The country has been recovering since and building its tourism numbers along the way. Since 2009, tourism has increased by 300%, and it was easy to see why after visiting cities like Galle. The narrow streets are lined with art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Dogs and roosters wander freely and school kids all hold hands leaving class as they walk along Galle Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1588!

The Fort Bazaar, Sri LankaWe ventured along the streets and wandered through most of the properties we passed, including the Fort Bazaar, a boutique property on Church Street. You enter through a breezy front porch with artsy tables and then enter a secluded lobby where a bar and private room are off to either side. All of these properties almost felt like you were walking into someones home, where you can wind down a hallway and discover a hidden bar or art room.

We continued through the lobby to an open-air seating area that had a “distinctly middle eastern” design. I was taking a picture at every step, not just for this blog, but for my own design inspiration. Everything felt so fresh and modern, but you could still see the cultural influences. It was so beautiful.The Fort Bazaar, Sri Lanka

The far end of the seating area led to an amazing courtyard, connecting all the rooms, but also providing a private outdoor space below. There were couches, tables, stools, and even candles hidden in cutouts in the walls lining the courtyard. And the greenery was incredible, we all sat down for a few minutes and just stared around us! My friends had to drag me away to our dinner reservation, but I think you’d all agree with me after seeing the photos!

The Fort Bazaar, Sri LankaAnd the rooms were no different, clean lines, unique art, and of course, more outdoor space. And the food, it was some of my favorite from the trip. The authentic dishes were a lot of lentils, fresh veggies, and hands down the best bananas I’ve ever tasted…but the flavors in these simple dishes were so memorable. I’ll have to start practicing some Sri Lankan dishes myself, but I know it will never be the same!

I’m not sure if I’ll be lucky enough to make it back to this beautiful country, but if any of you have the opportunity, take it! It’s a trip I will never forget.

The Fort Bazaar, Sri Lanka

The Fort Bazaar, Sri Lanka

Happy travels!


LeVeque Luxury

Hotel LeVeque Columbus, OHHi, Inn Lovers! As the newbie of OHLA, this is my first contribution to the Inn Love blog, so hang with me as I share my venture into downtown Columbus to Hotel Leveque, the first Autograph Collection in Columbus, situated within the iconic Leveque Tower. Trust me, you’ll want to hear about this one!

The LeVeque Tower has always been an iconic part of the Columbus skyline, completed in 1927, it became the fifth tallest building in the world (standing ½ foot taller than the Washington Monument). Fast forward to 1975, when Katherine LeVeque took over Hotel LeVeque following her husband’s death. She then managed the day-to-day operations of the hotel, where she lived on the 41st floor until 2011, the same year the hotel officially became a landmark.

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OHThis property’s MO is “A Beacon of Hospitality”, how fitting! From the moment I pulled up in front of the striking building I was in awe. The entryway alone is enough to take your breath away with its intricate metal working, hanging lamps, tiled flooring, painted ceilings… Oh my gosh, we haven’t even made it inside yet!

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OHAs I walked through the lobby to the super hip front desk I couldn’t help but to look up and see the stellar light fixture in a soaring atrium. I began putting the pieces together and saw the overall theme; astrology! There were seemingly subtle notes all around me including the shimmering ever-changing constellation artwork behind the front desk pods. (Forgive my picture from Christmas, I just had to include this one of the lobby, it was so beautiful! And the tree almost reached the second floor!)

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OH

Hotel LeVeque Columbus, OHOk, Inn Lovers, the sleeping rooms are SO fun! The rooms carried on the overall theme with ultra-modern furnishings, pops of gold and yellow, and light fixtures that mimicked the fixture in the atrium. Abstract shelfing also offered unique books, gadgets, and gizmos. After all this excitement, I could not wait to see the restaurant and lounge.

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OHFirst, I wanted to freshen up and the bathroom did not disappoint! Spacious with marble tiling throughout. And by spacious I mean you can fit at least 15 people in the shower alone. I would be remiss not to mention the toiletries by Cliff Original, which I later found out is a local company right here in Columbus!

I made my way to The Keep Liquor Bar, an overall French concept. It was dark and exciting with quite the menu for food and drink. I started with a Front St. Fizz and dabbled in a few small plates (the braised short rib was delectable!). I couldn’t help but to stay a little longer and absorb the vibe.

Hotel LeVeque Columbus, OH

Eventually, I decided I needed to end this fun visit and head to bed (it was a work night after all!). However, I was surprised again! My room had gotten turndown service complete with a projected constellation on the ceiling. This night I got to fall asleep under the stars.

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OH

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OH

Hotel LeVeque, Columbus, OH

Happy Travels!


Dapper Dual Property

Marriott Columbus University AreaIn the spirit of welcoming our new Director of Membership, Lauren Stazen, and the Ohio State spring game coming up (sorry readers, at some point everything in Columbus relates back to OSU football), I decided to visit Lauren’s former property – Marriott & Residence Inn Columbus University Area! The dual property is the first of it’s kind for the brand, and you’ll want to see this one. Come with me as I explore Marriott’s new concept, located just two miles from the heart of Ohio State’s campus.

Dual property? Yes! This project served as a pilot program for Marriott International featuring a full-service Marriott connected to an extended stay Residence Inn. I could immediately tell a difference when I walked in the front doors. It was so OPEN. The lobby and soft seating flowed right into the bar area and then opened into the restaurant. It honestly all felt like the same space, which was extremely welcoming and very on-trend (for all my Chip and Joanna fans out there).

Marriott Columbus University AreaAnd speaking of trends… I learned that Columbus’ stake in the fashion industry was the designer’s décor concept for the Marriott side of the property. Warm neutrals greet you as you enter the front doors and continue down the halls and even into the elevator, which looks like a men’s tie on the inside (fun fact: the neutral pallet was chosen based on the colors and fabrics used for luxury men’s suits).

Marriott Columbus University AreaI headed back into the open space at the front of the property (which Lauren later told me is called the “Great Room”, very fitting) for dinner at MODA. MODA (meaning “fashion” in several other languages) continues the trendy theme of the property with unique dishes like the braised short rib nachos and a slow roasted mojo pork Cuban sandwich, but I have to say my favorite dish was the roasted brussels sprouts.

Marriott Columbus University AreaAfter dinner I was allowed a sneak peek at the M Club…which is always the cool part for a person who isn’t loyal enough to any brand or airline to reap the benefits of points or miles…but I may have been convinced after seeing this space. The room is filled with mostly white marble on the countertops, floors, and a feature wall with accents of maroon throughout. There are plenty of spaces to sit and work, hang out and watch TV, or enjoy my personal favorite…the 24-hour coffee and snack bar.

Marriott Columbus University AreaVenture down a connecting hallway and you’ll find yourself in the Residence Inn, which pays homage to Ohio State academics through its décor in the public areas and sleeping rooms. One of the most notable pieces of artwork (that I’m trying to figure out how to recreate) is a script Ohio made of 12,000 pencils that hangs just behind the front desk. Cozy spaces surround you in the lobby with textbooks, a fire place, area rugs (also custom OSU themed), flat screen televisions, and comfortable seating that truly makes you feel at home. And after touring the space, I’m thinking I just might have to book my next extended stay here during a Buckeye football game, which can never come fast enough for an Ohio State alumna 😊

Marriott Columbus University Area

Marriott Columbus University Area

Marriott Columbus University Area


Happy travels!

The Queen City Comeback

I think I may have spoken too soon about Spring coming given the snow that appeared in Ohio this week…luckily for me, I had the perfect property on my travel list to bring me indoors. Even better, in my hometown of Cincinnati!

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OHIf you haven’t visited Cincinnati recently, now is the time to start planning your trip. The last time I lived in Cincinnati, in the early 2000’s, downtown was not even close to a destination for residents or tourists. In fact, part of downtown was ranked in the top ten most dangerous neighborhoods in America (Over-the-Rhine). Today, those neighborhoods are unrecognizable. Join me as we explore the beautiful boutique brand that has focused its attention on revitalization projects in cities experiencing a renaissance, the 21c Museum Hotel.

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OHThe first time I returned home from DC, I thought my friends were joking when they asked me to meet them at a bar in Over-the-Rhine (OTR, as we call it). Downtown Cincinnati truly was THAT bad when I left. Today, I am so proud of the hard work and funding dedicated to the revitalization of the city I love so much…and the reason I admire properties like the 21c Museum Hotel.

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OH

“For more than 10 years now, the 21c Museum Hotel experience has seamlessly blended art and hospitality. Our multi-venue contemporary art museum, unique boutique hotels and chef-driven restaurants together create a new kind of travel and cultural experience, globally connected yet rooted in the local community.”

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OHThe mission of 21c Museum Hotel was apparent when I walked into their Cincinnati location, I honestly had a hard time telling it was a hotel, it’s truly that focused on art. I checked in and met up with CJ Lecky, Corporate Director of Sales and Business Development, who gave me a wonderful tour of the museum, located on three floors of the property, while telling me all about how the brand got its start.

“21c Museum Hotel was founded by preservationists and contemporary art collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. The couple wanted to take an active role in the preservation and revitalization of downtown Louisville motivated by changes happening in and around their hometown.”

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OHCJ informed me that the couple really had no intention of opening more than one property, but it was easy to see how the concept caught on, earning not only national, but international attention and awards. In fact, all seven 21c Museum Hotels were ranked among Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Hotels in the World. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the brand has also earned Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Award, Monocle Magazine’s Best Hotel Brand, and Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies recognition.

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OHAfter I finished touring the appropriately-timed “The Future is Female” exhibit, showcasing contemporary feminist art from around the globe (check out the pictures – it was incredible), I headed to my room. It was no surprise that the room was every bit as quirky and wonderful as the hotel lobby – notice anything about the shower wall? And I have to say…this was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever slept in.

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OH
I had a snack and custom craft cocktail at the Metropole downstairs before I ventured out to revisit the Cincinnati nightlife that didn’t exist when I lived there. The 21c Museum Hotel is very conveniently located… within a few blocks of any number of activities you might enjoy: The Aronoff Center for the Arts, Fountain Square, breweries, shopping, and of course Cincinnati’s hottest new neighborhood…you guessed it…OTR. Bonus: one of my personal favorite Cincinnati restaurants, Sotto, is across the street. Get the donuts if you go, thank me later.

What a wonderful getaway to my beloved city that might become your new favorite destination too! One thing is for sure, I will be returning in the summer to experience their fabulous rooftop cocktail terrace.

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OH

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OH

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, OH

Happy travels!



Modern Beauty in Bangkok

Spring is fast approaching and I think we are all ready for what the season brings…a change in weather, experiences…and bloggers! As some of you may know, Halle had her beautiful baby boy this week, so I’ll be standing in to take you along on some of my travels. I was fortunate enough to leave behind five inches of Columbus snow a couple weeks ago and step off a plane into 90 degree Southeast Asia.


I have to admit, Bangkok was a bit overwhelming for me. I didn’t know what to expect, and I’d really only seen pictures of beaches, islands, and elephant reserves in Thailand. Bangkok is not that. Despite part of its city limits reaching the gulf of Thailand, Bangkok is a huge metropolitan area almost the size of New York City, just as crowded and busy. So, you could say I was thankful for a relaxing break at the Park Hyatt.

This property is a bit hidden on the inside, as it sits atop the 8 story Central Embassy mall (sidenote – I could probably write an entire blog about the malls in Asia). You first travel up a few floors to the most inviting space filled with bookstores, restaurants, study spaces, and children’s playgrounds on the same level and weave your way back to a set of elevators marked as the hotel’s.

Once the doors open on the 9th floor, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the Park Hyatt Bangkok. The designer of the interior space wanted to embody “livable luxury”, and it’s obvious. The entire hotel smells like the lobby of a spa, every wall is a fresh hue of ivory or light wood with carefully placed artwork, and the architecture is remarkable. I almost felt like I was in an art gallery or museum, everything feels so intentional.

It’s hard to pick a favorite space, so I have to tell you about two, the pool and the rooftop entertainment area.

The pool. Wow. After a long morning of sightseeing on foot in 80% humidity, lunch by the pool was a dream. When you walk onto the pool deck, you instantly feel like you’re in a garden. If you choose not to sit along the 130 ft. saltwater infinity pool (I saw more infinity pools in Asia than I’ve seen in my lifetime), you can continue to the back where a few stairs take you to different levels of cabana-style seating. We chose this spot (mostly because the cabanas are essentially queen-sized beds covered in the softest terry cloth) and ordered a couple drinks and (of course) Thai food!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves here, but I think I was pleasantly surprised when the service was just as impressive as the scenery. There isn’t a tipping culture in Asia, so at most places you have to let staff know when you need anything. Not here. Our servers were angels, telling us about the history of the property, suggesting the best meals for an authentic Thai experience, and always with a smile and wonderful attitude. We could have stayed all day, but it was time for a few more sights before we returned to the Park Hyatt bars and restaurants.

It’s difficult to find a word other than “wow” to describe the different parts of the Park Hyatt. The bar and restaurant space are phenomenal. Three floors of entertainment to explore, complete with a rooftop bar overlooking the city. I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard it was modeled after a “bachelor pad”, which makes sense given the vintage BMW motorcycle in the lobby, cigar bar upstairs, and racing memorabilia filling the bookshelves. If you didn’t want to sit outside, the cocktail bar also offers floor to ceiling views of the city from just about every spot in the room. And to make your custom cocktails that much more enjoyable, there is a house DJ who sits right above the liquor wall to give you a club experience without actually having to go to a club.

I can’t speak to the food in this particular restaurant, as we didn’t eat there, but I’m sure it’s just as amazing as everything else at this property. I am determined to make it back to the Park Hyatt Bangkok based on this trip, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this beautiful part of the world!



Happy traveling!