Guest Post: TJ Visits The Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade

Great lodging in Downtown Cleveland
Unique Architecture @ the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade

You might have seen my name appear on a few of Halle’s posts before – I’m TJ, Halle’s husband.

Hiking in Pigeon Forge
Laurel Falls Train @ Pigeon Forge, TN

(Here’s a pic of us from her Pigeon Forge post a few weeks ago!) Halle definitely gave me the travel bug. We’ve had a chance to travel quite a few places since we started dating, but this year, I got to do some solo traveling for work – so I’m here to share a bit about my experience visiting Cleveland.

As my first shot at this guest blogging thing for Halle, let me start by saying I’m anything but a hospitality expert, but I do know a unique hotel when I see one. The Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade is a unique building with some real personality, flipped into a modern day hotel in a great location. Seconds away from many downtown Cleveland destinations, this Hyatt property is packed with history and cool views. The shared space in the middle of the building makes you feel as though you are inside of an old, Victorian style shopping mall from the past. That said, it is also extremely well maintained and clean. Although there is room for additional business to move into some of the old shop spaces, there is plenty of space used by some small businesses, in addition to the Hyatt’s gym.

The rooms in this property each have their own personality as well, as few have the same exact layout in

Great lodging in Downtown Cleveland
Great lodging in Downtown Cleveland @ the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade

this hotel. Again, not being in the hospitality industry, I would imagine this is not a common occurrence, and certainly adds to the uniqueness of this venue. The staff were top notch and always wielding a large smile. In addition to the wonderful venue, the area surrounding the Hyatt is packed with things to do, all within a short walking distance.

Since I was staying for a work function, the same week the Cleveland Indians were playing the Toronto Blue Jays for their (now) trip to the World Series, the Happy Hour scene was raging. Also, since most of you reading this don’t know me, know this; I love beer. My favorite spot for a good beer in Cleveland to date, I found on this trip– Butcher & The Brewer. Right on East 4th Street, this spot has a great atmosphere for any sports lover, and a great tap list as well. Another thing you should know about me (something Halle and I do not share) is a love for technology.  If you love beer and you love technology – you’re probably on Untappd – an app to track your beer consumption, focusing on unique labels and venues.  I always consider a trip a success if I can discover

Great spot for craft beer and upscale pub dining in Downtown Cleveland
Quick Bites and Great Brews @ The Butcher and the Brewer – Cleveland

something I haven’t tried before and here, I was able to do that. They also had some great appetizers – I did a mix and match of the charcuterie and cheese pairings. The homemade beef jerky was pretty darn good.

I was visiting Cleveland for a board meeting, so then I was off to meet the group for dinner. If you haven’t been to the East 4th Street entertainment district, it is packed with options. We chose The Greenhouse Tavern right across the alley. It’s a good quiet choice if you’re looking for a low key evening. If busy and bustling is more your style, The Corner Alley is also a good option. In addition to great food, they also have many games and a full bowling alley right in house.

As I write this guest blog about Cleveland and my experience there last week, I’m sitting in the San Diego Convention Center for the American Staffing Association’s 2016 Staffing World getting my learn on. I guess you could say we both find ways to integrate travel into what we do. That said, stay tuned for another upcoming guest entry from yours truly.

Lake Erie Love in Downtown Cleveland

Pura Vida!

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  1. Very well written TJ! We have stayed here several times and it has always been a topnotch experience. Cleveland is a wonderful destination and an hour from our home. Cleveland rocks in many ways.

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