Taking Flight at Marriott at the University of Dayton

Marriott at the University of Dayton has had an overhaul that we have been seeing across the Marriott brand. Long gone are the days of bold rich reds, golds, and purples. Hello, are the days of a modern edge with a personalized twist paying homage to the area.Marriott - Dayton, OH

The redesign celebrates Dayton’s rich history of flight experiencing tributes to Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first plane design. As you walk in the front doors, the ceiling is notable as it offers depth and an aviation-like flow to the front desk.Marriott - Dayton, OH

Throughout the property you see rounded lines, rich woodworking, and a neutral palette with accents of rich blues and green plants. I enjoyed seeing all of the working areas, nooks to relax in, and the business center. Everything is comfortable and open with an undoubted sense of pride for the city of Dayton and its’ history. One of my favorite art pieces was the plane blueprint artwork that sat behind a working area, a three-piece installation that is a creative addition.

Marriott - Dayton, OHWhat once was Sharkey’s and an amphitheater is now a relaxing courtyard with outdoor seating. In addition, their restaurant got a full makeover and is now called Dewberry 1850. The restaurant is beautiful, bright, and open and is accessible easily from the entry. The bar within serves up coffee shop beverages by day and transforms to a bar by night. The menu features American classics served up fresh with a twist. While we were visiting, I did try their special coffee beverage, an iced Blackberry White Chocolate Latte, it hit the spot on a humid morning!Marriott - Dayton, OH

The Marriott at the University of Dayton has certainly undergone a fresh redesign and will continue to serve the Greater Dayton community for years to come.

Next week we are going to explore…. a wedding at the Hyatt at the Arcade in downtown Cleveland. (I know what you are thinking, yes, I am going to another wedding!)


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Marriott - Dayton, OH


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