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You may have heard, but there’s a new brand in town and it’s popping up everywhere!  A little over a year ago, the first AC Hotel in Ohio opened – the new AC Hotel Cincinnati Liberty Center, just north of Cincinnati. Since then, the AC Hotel Dublin opened in September 2017 and just this week the AC Hotel Cincinnati at the Banks opened.  In the pipeline, we count at least two more, slated to open within the next year. So what is an AC Hotel? Marriott says, “It’s an experience that feels stylish, yet efficient. Alluring but purposeful. Every detail is considered to provide just the beautiful essentials.” With the slogan AC Hotels. A New Way to Hotel. So. Shall we see where it all began? At least in Ohio anyway…

To start, all of the AC Hotels are new construction, no conversions here.  The AC Liberty Center isn’t the only thing new, the entire development it’s in is new.  That’s also true for the other properties that have opened in Ohio – Dublin & Cincinnati. So, if you like to be a trendsetter, this is where you should be.  The lobby embraces the open floor plan concept with a floating staircase right in the middle of things. Many hotels are now embracing the communal lobby concept, encouraging guests to come hang out.  This philosophy holds true for the AC vision, but not in the lobby. Don’t worry, if you want to chill in the lobby, there is seating, it’s just not where all of the cool kids are.

If you choose to ascend the staircase, you’ll find them! On the second floor is all kinds of unique space.

Check out the different seating arrangements and places to be seen or to hide out with a coffee and your laptop. Pictured left is the AC Lounge which serves up small plates and has a full bar including signature cocktails and craft beer.


Just past that room is the breakfast area where guests can select from delicious European-inspired items on the breakfast buffet. Don’t miss the Starbucks and Nespresso drinks!

During this trip though, I got to head out of the hotel and check out Liberty Center, an area I haven’t spent much time in.  There are plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby, including one of my faves from Columbus, Northstar Cafe!

After an evening of appointments and a long day of driving, I was ready to dive into bed.  The rooms here are just as trendy as the public space.  With a sleek, no BS approach to the design, I felt like I was stepping into the future of hotel room design.  I was a big fan of the night light feature and the “under glow” along the walls.  (Pro tip: if a hotel is willing to shed extra lighting underneath furniture…it has to be spotless! This room would easily have passed a white glove test.)

With all of the opportunities for food, I needed to ensure I got in a good workout!  The gym was awesome – with floor to ceiling windows and plenty of equipment. Too bad I forgot my swim suit on this particular excursion, because this property boasts a beautiful stainless steel pool and indoor/outdoor hot tub.

My trip to the AC Hotel Cincinnati Liberty Center was too quick, but I’ll be back! Which AC have you visited recently?

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


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