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I hate missing birthdays. Birthdays, mine or someone else’s, are my favorite.  I think it’s great giving someone a day to just celebrate them.  At least in my industry, it’s all about helping others, so every now and then, you just need a day to celebrate you!  So, just imagine how I felt when I realized, I missed the birthday of one of Greater Columbus’ fabulous historic inns by two days on my visit.  {{{BIG SIGHS}}}

Unique accommodations in central Ohio, Columbus area

The Granville Inn was built in 1924, it’s grand opening on June 26th of that year.  Just 93 years and 2 DAYS later… I arrived at its doorstep. Gosh, I hope you’re reading this thinking to yourself, “yes! I love the Granville Inn!” because you have in fact been there and it didn’t take you 93 years to discover it.  But alas, I’m sure that isn’t the case for everyone.  See, I didn’t know much of Granville until my friend Jena, a graduate of Granville’s Denison University, told me of her fantastic college town. Granville is quaint, to the say the least. Dominated on the hill by Denison University, the main drag is packed with little shops and restaurants. Beautiful, picturesque landscaping and sitting areas line the streets. It’s really no surprise that the Granville Inn isn’t the only boutique lodging property to be found near the town square.  Granville is home to several unique lodging options, like the Buxton Inn, Orchard House B&B (check out my post!) and the Welsh Hills Inn – many of which are on my bucket list to explore.

Like the Granville Inn, many of the properties have history.  But this one in particular was once the home of The Granville Female College, what was considered to be the oldest school for women’s education in Ohio.  What I love about the Granville Inn is that if you’re like me and you appreciate the modern touches and amenities, you can enjoy those luxuries and still take a trip through history by walking the halls. The walls are lined with well curated photos from the original school and also Denison University and there’s a cabinet housing original china from the first years of the Inn’s operation.

The Inn has had many owners, but locals and guests alike will tell you that the game changer was when Denison University purchased the Inn in 2013, setting the groundwork for a much needed $9 million renovation.  The renovation included the face lift of existing rooms, but also the addition of 9 more which involved quite literally raising the roof and moving original slate roofing.

Unique accommodations in central Ohio, Columbus area

Stepping into the lobby is like taking a step back in time. The lobby fireplace greets you like a friendly face or a bear hug, even on a summer’s day. One of my favorite new places at the Inn is the patio.  As a Columbus resident, I couldn’t help but start comparing their patio to what’s available in Columbus. My conclusion? There isn’t one.

The sleeping rooms are to die for.  The soft colors and sunlight streaming in during the day makes for a restful or romantic place to spend an evening. Some of the new rooms include exposed

brick, over-sized bathrooms and small seating areas.

Unique accommodations in central Ohio, Columbus area

If one day you find yourself looking for a last minute getaway or an escape from the city, or hey! maybe you’re checking out Denison University, do yourself a favor and stay a night at The Granville Inn. If you plan ahead, they have great special events open to the public, like their Ladies’ Night, Murder Mystery Dinners or Movie Nights. Like golfing?  They recently acquired the management of the Denison Golf Course, so close you can literally walk there. I’m also told if you’re there in the summer on a Saturday morning, the Granville Farmer’s Market is a must-do! Happy travels…

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

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