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I’m Suman and like Halle, I love to travel.  You might be wondering why you are hearing from me today!  Halle’s out discovering the world – where else?!  Luckily, she surrounds herself with others that enjoy travel and she asked if I would share with you an experience I had recently that she hasn’t had the chance to explore herself – Put-in-Bay, OH.  That’s right! While she’s on the shores of North Carolina, I’m going to tell you about my recent trip to the shores of Ohio.  This is my first time blogging – so bear with me… it might be a bumpy ride!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Put-In-Bay for a conference and I was asked to find accommodations on my own. However, I was not willing to spend a fortune on my accommodations, because the conference itself was quite pricey! When I was looking for an affordable option to spend my days at Put-In-Bay, I came across The Park Hotel. The location was perfect! Just around the corner from all my activities and conference center as well.

My first impression about the Park Hotel was a fascinating one. This was an old Victorian hotel, and the staff greeted me with a warm welcome. I knew at that moment, I made the right decision by selecting the Park Hotel for my stay. This was not my first time in Put-In-Bay. In fact, I have visited here twice before. However, it was my first time staying at the Park Hotel and I must admit, this was my best Put-in-Bay lodging experience.  The rooms were clean with fantastic air conditioning (a must have in mid-summer!). I don’t come from the lodging industry like Halle, so when I struck up a conversation with a staff member about the history of the hotel (built in the 1870s!), I inquired why they haven’t advertised on etc. where so many other hotels list themselves. He said they preferred word-of-mouth business and liked individual guest service where they could explain the setup and amenities of the hotel one-on-one. Even though the hotel had shared bathrooms, it was just fine for me, because I’m a person who is used to backpacking and staying in all kinds of unique lodging.

The property was a great mix of quaint charm and middle-of-it-all convenience. This hotel made me feel like I was secluded in a small-town hotel in the middle of a huge party town. On the other hand, being so close to downtown Put-In-Bay, I got the opportunity to walk to almost all the happening places in the area.

The hotel was located close to my favorite place to get a drink called Mojito Bay Tiki Bar.  Nearby are other great restaurants such as T&J’s Smokehouse. It offers some of the best dishes to the people in Put-In-Bay and has the fun bull riding place (pictured above!). He is one tough bull to ride! Better yet, the hotel was in close proximity to The Boardwalk, a restaurant serving up “fresh & traditional seafood” and where I got the opportunity to taste my favorite food, Lobster Bisque.

Another great stop to include on your next trip to Put-in-Bay is Beer Barrel Saloon, claiming to have the world’s largest bar! Like Halle, I love to dance and Beer Barrel was the place to do that.

I had fun dancing the night away to the live music! With all of these great places to spend an evening, I found myself very thankful to have a hotel within walking distance.  It made for a much easier, carefree night and isn’t that what you want when visiting Put-in-Bay?

Believe it or not, it’s not all about the party.  And, quite logically, The Park Hotel sits alongside Derivera Park, a great place to enjoy a walk and the lake breeze. The Park also connects to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial – a beautiful site honoring those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  The memorial represents peace among Great Britain, Canada and the US. Just on the other side of the park, you can conveniently catch a ferry or rent a golf cart.

All in all, I’d say my trip to The Park Hotel & Put-in-Bay were a success!  Next time, I’ll have to return for Pirate/Pyrate Fest Weekend, one of the biggest island-wide parties. You’ll notice in my pictures the staff at the Park Hotel were preparing for the weekend with immaculate pirate decorations.  I enjoyed my entire stay at The Park Hotel and highly recommend it to any person who is planning to visit Put-In-Bay. I could not have asked for a better value with an excellent location.  It is definitely a hidden gem!

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